Arco Latino - CEPLI associated member

The network Arco Latino was born based on the territorial cooperation experience gathered during the 90s, officially becoming an association in 2002. It is located in the north-western Euro-Mediterranean area, making up a macro-region that shares geographical, cultural, economic and social similarities.

As a space for political and technical cooperation, Arco Latino is formed by intermediate Mediterranean local authorities (currently 61 members). Their current members are Spanish Provincial Councils and Insular Councils, French Departments and Italian Provinces, thus representing 10% of the European Union population and territory.

Because of its potential, Arco Latino is able to be specially heard by European institutions so that Mediterranean and local perspective is embodied in the formulation of their policies and regulations, thus defending the interests and needs of both its territory and its citizens.

In this line, the network values and strengthens capacities and helps internationalize actions and strategies of its members in favour of common objectives.

One of the priorities of the network, following the inclusion and mobilization of socioeconomic stakeholders, and applying the principle of subsidiarity, is the definition of an integrated development strategy and an arrangement of the Arco Latino space.

Being conscious of its strategically position in the Mediterranean area, Arco Latino and its members open a space of decentralized cooperation together with countries from the other Mediterranean shores.

Contact details

Permanent Secretariat
Diputació de Barcelona
Direcció de Relacions Internacionals
C/Mallorca, 244 entresuelo 3ª
08008 Barcelona - ES
Tel. +34 934 049 369
Fax. +34 934 049 480


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