Association of Flemish Provinces (VVP)

VVP contributes to making the five Flemish provinces a reliable, transparent government level and to making it the elected (sub)regional government level of the future, aiming to contribute to the well-being of citizens and to the sustainable development of the provincial area.

The provinces - the intermediate policy level between the Flemish and municipal level - have extensive powers. They have devised initiatives in the fields of education, social and cultural infrastructures, preventive medicine and social policy. They also deal with the environment, with highways and waterways, the economy, transport, public works, housing, use of official languages, etc.

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The VVP is:

Where is the VVP represented?

As the representation of the provincial government level in the political heart of Brussels the VVP participates in many organizations such as “Onderhandelingscomité C” where representatives of employers and employees meet, “MINA-raad”, the advisory council for environmental matters, “VLABEST”, the advisory council for internal affairs, “GIS-raad”, the council for geographical information systems, …

President: Mrs. Hilde BRUGGEMAN (website

Contact details:

Association of Flemish Provinces (VVP)
Boudewijnlaan 20/21
B-1000 Brussel
tel. 02/512.11.52
fax 02/502.46.80

Contact person TG CEPLI: Saskia Van Laere (


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