CEPLI technical bodies

On the occasion of the Conference of Cáceres (Spain), all CEPLI members and associated networks agreed on a series of organizational provisions set forth in a Partnership Agreement, aiming at facilitating the achievement of the Confederation’s objectives.

1. The Technical Working Group is formed by the technical representatives of the national associations and associated networks. It will meet as often as necessary, being in charge with the development of the action plans. The Technical Working Group makes also proposals to the Political Body concerning the preparation of the Political Conferences and proposes the agenda of the meetings as well as on other initiatives agreed in its meetings.

2. CEPLI Secretariat within the Technical Working Group, run by a Brussels Office of a CEPLI member, will be in charge of the internal and external communications, coordinating the organisation of meetings.


CEPLI Technical Group coordinates (.xls file - 52 KB)