Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Charter for Multilevel Governance in Europe

The Committee of the Regions recently launched the "Charter for Multilevel Governance in Europe", opened to signature on 9 May 2014 to all European Union local and regional authorities.

The Charter for Multilevel Governance in Europe is available on www.cor.europa.eu/mlgcharter.

By officially adhering to Charter principles, LRAs and their networks can join the Committee of the Regions' political initiative and send a strong message to the European Institutions and the national governments at the dawn of a new mandate and term of the European Parliament and the European Commission.The Charter for Multilevel Governance is not a legally binding instrument but rather a reference text and a tool to be freely used by signatory towns and regions in the context of the local implementation of EU policies.

Should you be willing to support and sign the Charter, you will find online the following documents, available in all EU languages (address: http://portal.cor.europa.eu/mlgcharter/Pages/MLG-charter.aspx):

The Charter secretariat remains at your disposal, should you need any additional information regarding the Charter or its signature process (email: mlgcharter@cor.europa.eu; tél: +