National Association of County General Assemblies of Hungary (MÖOSZ)

According to Chapter IX Article 41 point (1) of the Constitution of the Republic of Hungary:
The territory of the Republic of Hungary consists of administrative units including the Capital, the counties, cities, towns and villages.

Article 42 of the Constitution states:
The enfranchised citizens of the villages, towns, of the capital city and its districts, and of the counties are entitled to the right of local self-government. Local self-government means autonomous and democratic management of local affairs by the communities concerned and exercise of local public authority in the interest of the population.

Based on the above mentioned quotation from the Constitution of Hungary, the present public administration system on the intermediate level consists of 19 counties (NUTS III level) with elected assemblies, which are called County Governments. Members of the assemblies are elected directly for a period of 4 years by the citizens of the respective county, represented by the elected President of the County Government (except for those citizens dwelling in a so-called city of county rights : in these cities, citizens vote directly for their city of county rights assembly, which are represented by the Mayor, an exception is Budapest the Capital City).

According to Chapter 1, Section 1, point 6 of the Act LXV on Local Governments:
Within the framework of the Act, the local government:
c) may freely associate with another local government, it may organize/join territorial, as well as national organizations of interest representation, for the representation and protection of its interests; within its range of duties and jurisdiction it may cooperate with local governments abroad, it may join international organizations of local governments.

The National Association of County General Assemblies of Hungary was established in 1992.

President: Dr. Ferenc ÓDOR, President of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Government, MP

Co-president: Dr. Lajos SZŰCS, President of Pest County Government, MP

Secretary: Ms. Tímea Nagy

Contact details:

Pest County Government
1052 Budapest, Városház utca 7
E-mail: or

Foreign affairs officer

Ágnes Orgoványi
Tel.: + 36 20/553 79 98
Tel .: + 36 1 485 68 94; Fax.: + 36 267-6023


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