National Union of County Councils of Romania (UNCJR)

National Union of County Councils of Romania (UNCJR) is a non-governmental organization, which brings together the County Councils of Romania, based on their free will, as juridical persons exerting their authority in accordance with the law, on the established administrative - territorial limits.

UNCJR represents the interests of County Councils both individual and as associations or as unions, by regions or considering their common interests, in the relation with the Parliament as well as with the Government.

UNCJR is acting in order to promote and apply the regional development principles, to support the sustainable development at local and regional level – from the economical, social, cultural and environmental point of view, to support the community participation to the decision making process, to develop cooperation programmes, to reduce the social and economic differences between counties and regions by promoting regional development programmes.

President: Mr Marian Oprisan, President of Vrancea County Council

Executive Director: Mr Dan Ocheselu


UNCJR’s European Office

Since February 2004, the National Union of County Councils of Romania opened a permanent office in Brussels, its key objective being to represent the Association’s interests to the European institutions and actors.

The UNCJR’s European Office main tasks are:


Boulevard Baudouin, 21
1000, Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32.2.2317141/49
Fax: +32.2.2317003

The team:

Coordinator - Mrs. Liliana Mangeac
Communication Officer - Mrs. Madalina Trandafir


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