Friday, 13 November 2009

Second Political Conference - organized in Budapest (Hungary), on 12 - 13 November 2009

The second Political Conference of CEPLI members and associated networks has taken place in Budapest, where it has been discussed about how local intermediate authorities (LIAs) are tackling the economical, social and territorial challenges face to the current crisis.

The European Confederation of Local Intermediate Authorities (Confédération Européenne des Pouvoirs Locaux Intermédiaires, CEPLI) is the first and only European confederation of national associations of local intermediate authorities and associated networks.

CEPLI intends to be a model of cooperation and exchange to the benefit of its members and Europe. It aims to become a recognized partner of European institutions, other European, national and mondial associations.

European citizens are aware that the European Union is experiencing a crisis at different levels, which is far graver than previous situations. Within this context, we want to acknowledge the crucial role that local intermediate authorities are playing in ensuring territorial, economical and social cohesion.

The tsunami of the financial and economic crisis has put a halt to economic and social development in EU Member States, having severe consequences for social stability. Achieving the targets of the Lisbon Strategy will be increasingly difficult, taking into account the unemployment rates and the decrease of the GDP.

Local Intermediate Authorities (LIAs) can play a key role in providing immediate answers to the needs of the population and their territories. The knowledge they have because of their proximity and their critical mass makes them able to act in the most appropriate and efficient way.

In the current context, the structuring and cohesive role of local authorities is clearer than ever before. Local authorities are having to face the social consequences of the crisis and cope with a decline in economic development. They are perfectly aware of the fact that they must react and concentrate on the implementation of actions to help citizens face this economic and social crisis.

LIAs are carrying out innovative initiatives in order to fight the effects of the crisis at local level. This confirms that they have a great reaction and mobilisation capacity in response to a wide range of challenges.


CEPLI Budapest - Declaration - EN (.pdf file - 144.16 KB)CEPLI Budapest - Déclaration - FR (.pdf file - 108.43 KB)CEPLI Budapesti Zárónyilatkozat - HU (.pdf file - 64.92 KB)