Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Seminar of the Committee of the Regions devoted to the Investment Plan for Europe (Juncker Plan)

On April the 15th, Mr Paul-Emile MOTTARD, President of the European Confederation of Intermediate Local Authorities (CEPLI) has participated to the Seminar organized by the CoR on the territorial dimension of the European Commission's Investment Plan for Europe.

This day of debates and workshops was an opportunity to address the issue of the involvement of local and regional authorities in the success of this plan.

Mr Mottard have led a workshop on financing tools proposed by the European Commission and the European Investment Bank. During the discussion, the following points of attention were discussed.

If the main principles of the Plan have been reaffirmed, it remains important questions about the implementation modalities (projects mounting arrangements, interest rates for loans granted by the EIB, taking into account public investment in perimeter debt of the States, in particular) and the real involvement of local and regional authorities.

It is important that local and regional politicians are mobilizing to the Juncker Plan is effectively accessible to projects that truly meet local needs.

It is the role of the Committee of the Regions, but also that of CEPLI.

For further details on the event: http://cor.europa.eu/en/events/Pages/investmentconference.aspx