Thursday, 28 May 2015

Working meeting with the 1st Vice-President of the Committee of the Regions

On Tuesday 26 May, President of the CEPLI, Paul-Emile Mottard, met the 1st Vice-President of the CoR, Karl-Heinz Lambertz, for a working meeting on strengthening collaborations between CEPLI and the Committee of the Regions.

On this occasion, Mr. Paul-Emile Mottard was glad that CEPLI has been invited to participate in the events of the CoR, such as the seminar held in April on the Investment Plan for Europe. This seminar was of high quality and exchanges that took place showed that the initiative of the Commission arouse a lot of interest and questions.

Mr. Karl-Heinz Lambertz has expressed his wish that CEPLI can be more involved in the work of the Committee of the Regions, in synergy with the other CoR partner associations. It is necessary to better organize the dialogue and relations between the Regions and the associations Committee to strengthen the role of local and regional authorities in the decision making process at European level.

He also stressed that Europe needs a new impetus, which involves installing a real dialogue between the EU and its regional and local authorities to bring the citizens of Europe.

To this end, the CoR will widely review its communication policy to be more present on the ground.
Mr. Mottard and Lambertz also agreed the importance of public services and their importance in achieving the major political challenges.

The dialogue between CEPLI and the CoR will continue in the coming months, including the organization of a meeting between their presidents.