ADF – Assemblée des Départements de France (Provinces Assembly of France)


Missions of the Assembly of the Départements of France:

  • establish close and permanent collaboration between all departmental councils on the implementation of skills transferred to départements by decentralisation laws and on all issues that affect administration of the département.
  • represent all departments when dealing with national and European public authorities.
  • inform the government of the official stance of the presidents of the Departmental councils on all legislation projects and on regulations concerning their missions, skills and the activities of the départements, and ensure that they are taken into account.
  • stay in close contact with the parliamentary assemblies so that the stance and the ambitions of the départements are taken fully into consideration during debate on legislation.
  • constitute a body that forms a link with all other institutions and organisations of economic and social life in order to express its views, and to develop with them a partnership that can ensure that public actions are run efficiently in the départements. In particular, the ADF has a tightly-knit network of relations with other assemblies and associations that represent local authorities.

The commissions:

Each of the 102 departmental councils is composed of commissions and working groups, bringing together a certain number of councillors.
The law lays down the number of appointments and each département creates the organisation it wishes according to the areas of competence that is has and the subjects it wishes to get involved in.
Studies are carried out and opinions are expressed by the councillors via these commissions.
The members study and assess the files that are to be debated at the plenary session.
The councillors appointed to monitor the work carried out by the Assembly of the départements of France come from members of these commissions.


ADF Headquarter

6, rue Duguay-Trouin
75006 Paris

Policy representative in the Technical Working Group:

Ms Christine Cote

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