DLT – Deutscher Landkreistag (German County Association)


Promoter of rural areas

The German County Association (“Deutscher Landkreistag”) is the federal association of the 301 German counties (Landkreise). The Landkreis sector covers around 96 per cent of the surface area of the Federal Republic of Germany and represents three quarters of the local authorities, who in turn represent almost 56 million inhabitants or 68 per cent of the German population. The association also understands itself as promoter of the rural areas in Germany.

95-year-old history

Founded in 1916 during World War I, as Association of the Prussian Landkreise, the organisation was re-founded as the German County Association at the beginning of 1947.

Lobby for the citizens of the Landkreise

The German County Association is unlike other interest groups (e.g. private sector), as it represents public interest; via the local authorities which are politically responsible to German citizens.

Broad range of tasks

The German County Association is active in a broad range of local tasks, including: municipal law, e-government, modernisation of administration, public services law, savings banking, local services of general interest (energy, water, waste water, waste), business development, social affairs, youth, health, transport law, environmental law, planning law and European affairs.

European policy and partnerships

There is increasing need for German Landkreise to be prepared for the implementation of European directives and regulations. The German County Association has its own office in Brussels, which represents the interests of the German Landkreise vis-à-vis the European Institutions (above all European Commission, European Parliament and Committee of the Regions). The Association also networks with other local associations such as Association of Polish Municipalities or Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, and contributes to an exchange of experiences as well as to arranging county-partnerships.


DLT Headquarter

11, Ulrich-von-Hassell-Haus Lennéstraße
10785 Berlin
030 590097-309

Policy representative in the Technical Working Group:

Mr Andreas Listing

Italy - Observer member

UPI – Unione Province d’Italia (Union of the Provinces of Italy)


President: Mr Michele de Pascale, Ravenna County
Political Representative for CEPLI: Mr Luca Menesini, Lucca County

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