EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles

EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles

Luca Menesini, president of the Province of Lucca, mayor of Capannori and member of the European Committee of Regions (CoR) where he represents Italian Provinces on behalf of UPI, has been appointed in May 2022 rapporteur on the opinion for the "EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles".

The EU strategy for sustainable and circular textiles looks at the entire lifecycle of textile products, proposing actions to change how we produce and consume textiles. It aims to create a greener, more competitive sector where all textile products placed on the EU market are durable, repairable and recyclable, to a great extent made of recycled fibres, free of hazardous substances, produced in respect of social rights and the environment.

The opinion highlights opportunities and challenges of the transition to a sustainable and circular textiles sector. It aims to demonstrate the role that local and regional authorities can play in promoting policies and incentives to stimulate market demand for circular products and services, which in turn stimulates the birth and development of circular and innovative business models. Nonetheless it stresses the important role local authorities can play in areas they are competent for, such as local waste management.

The opinion was adopted early December, during the last CoR Plenary Session.

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