Future Region Hannover-Hildesheim receives 5 Mio. € funding approval from Lower Saxony

Future Region Hannover-Hildesheim receives 5 Mio. € funding approval from Lower Saxony

The long work for more than a year has paid off. The joint application by Region Hannover and the state capital of Hanover, as well as by province and city of Hildesheim as a “Future Region Hanover-Hildesheim” was successful. On September 23, 2022, Birgit Honé, Minister for Federal and European Affairs and Regional Development of the State of Lower Saxony, handed over the grant agreement for the Integrated Territorial Investment (ITI) program in the Administration Centre of Region Hannover. The joint concept on 51 pages entitled "Regional innovative strength combined with cultural diversity" had already won a preselection in the middle of the year and is now receiving funding of around 5 Mio. € until 2027. The project partners increase this amount to 12.5 Mio. The state government of Lower Saxony has now reserved around €96 million for 14 "Future Regions" in the new funding period, which is intended to take the LEADER idea of EAFRD program to a higher level. The concept of "Future Regions" also received special recognition from DG REGIO when the operational program was approved in Brussels.

The Future Region Hannover Hildesheim has focused on the fields of regional innovation and of culture and leisure. After recognition, the region, as the joint lead partner of the project, must submit an application for funding for regional management, which ensures the four partners co-financing of up to 70 percent for three staff members. The office is intended to network all players more closely with each other and initiate projects, which will then be co-financed by 40 percent from the Future Fund until 2027.

President of Region Hanover Steffen Krach is pleased "that we are receiving this important EU funding. We know very well how important networking beyond the regional borders is. “The first project ideas in the form of so-called flagship projects already exist. In the " Social Innovation meets Culture" project, joint social and cultural innovations are to be promoted by supporting offers for business model development in the cultural and creative sectors. The "Health Innovation Space" aims to provide targeted support for product development in the health sector. The project "Culture Experience Path(s) Hanover-Hildesheim" wants to make cultural sites and cultural offers actively accessible on the water, on foot or by bike. Funding applications can be submitted from February 2023.

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