List of CEPLI members

Located across the European Union area, our national associations - representing intermediary local authorities - hold a specific position and have common characteristics that, over the course of time, have proved particularly suited to achieving objectives for European social, economic and regional cohesion.


List of CEPLI members

  • Assembly of French Départements (Assemblée des Départements de France - ADF) (website)
  • Association of Polish Counties (Związek Powiatów Polskich - ZPP) (website)
  • Association of Walloon Provinces (Association des Provinces Wallonnes - APW) (website)
  • German County Association (Deutscher Landkreistag - DLT) (website)
  • National Union of County Councils of Romania (Uniunea Naţională a Consiliilor Judeţene din România - UNCJR) (website)

Associated members

Observer member

  • Association of Flemish Provinces (Vereniging van Vlaamse Provincies - VVP) (website)

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