Ourense Political Conference 7th March 2023

Publish date: Thursday, 9 March 2023
Photo from CEPLI Political Conference in Ourense, March 7, 2023

On Tuesday 7th March, Ourense hosted the 12th Political Conference of CEPLI. Partenalia network and the Provincial Council of Ourense supported CEPLI presidency to prepare this annual big meeting which involve everytime a high level debate on a current matter that concern LIAs.

The integrated approach of resilience debated last year in Krakow was contextualized this year by addressing the topic of natural and human-induced disasters and risks.

The agenda covered 2 topics, namely “European civil protection and actions of local intermediate authorities” and “Risk culture and communication with the population, awareness, training, participation”.

The various presentations and photos given during the conference as well as the complete agenda and media communication will be available soon on this page.




Political Declaration:



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