Partenalia – European network (Provinces from Spain, France, Belgium)

In 1993, a few months after the coming into effect of the Maastricht Treaty, certain administrations with a forward-looking approach decided to take a step towards the enhancement of the visibility of intermediate local authorities, and in the promotion of common policies at the local level. In a context of acknowledgement of the local and regional dimension for the first time, Partenalia was created with the aim of becoming a platform that would represent the interests of local intermediate authorities in the European Union.

Today, as an international association with legal personality, Partenalia has a key role in the construction of a more integrated Europe, as it is the voice of intermediate local administrations and offers them a privileged working platform in order to promote innovative initiatives and the exchange of best practices on a transnational scale. With  twenty-three of experience, Partenalia has become a frame of reference for the involvement of local collectivities in the European arena and for the development and implementation of innovative policies at  local level.


Permanent Secretariat:

European Office in Brussels
35 Square de Meeûs,
1000 - Bruxelles

Policy representative in the Technical Working Group:

Mr Nicolas Reynès

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