ZPP - Związek Powiatów Polskich (Association of Polish Counties)

By the initiative of self-governors of counties and cities with county rights, the Association of Polish Counties (Związek Powiatów Polskich), whose members are already 304 counties and cities with county rights, was founded at the end of February 1999.

Association of Polish Counties pursue its tasks through:

  • Representing counties nationwide and international forums,
  • Initiating and legal acts concerning local government,
  • Promoting exchanges of experiences for their own tasks and tasks of the government,
  • Inspiring and taking joint initiatives affecting the community development counties,
  • Inspiring and taking joint initiatives aimed at socio-economic development of counties, foreign contacts and exchange of scientific and cultural,
  • Conducting the work of information, consultation and program aimed at solving problems in various fields of local government,
  • Publishing activities and promotion, on the problems of the Association and its members.

Counties competences in Poland:

  • public education (secondary level)
  • promotion and health protection
  • social assistance
  • family policy
  • support people with disabilities
  • transport and public roads
  • culture and protection of monuments
  • physical culture and tourism
  • real estate management
  • environmental and nature conservation
  • agriculture, forestry and inland fisheries
  • public order and public safety
  • flood protection, including equipment storage and maintenance of county flood
  • fire prevention and other extraordinary threats to human life and health and the environment
  • combating unemployment and activation of the local labour market
  • consumer protection.


ZPP Head office:

Plac Defilad 1
00-901 Warszawa
skr. poczt. 7

Visiting address:

Plac Defilad 1
PKiN (Palace of Culture and Science) room no 2704, floor 27th
00-901 Warszawa

E-mail: mc@zpp.pl

Policy representatives in the Technical Working Group:

Mr Jan Maciej Czajkowski 

Ms Monika Małowiecka

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